November 5, 2015

Podio Integrations

At CME Integrations, WE LOVE PODIO.  We are always trying to come up with new integrations to make using Podio a more comprehensive business management tool.

Below are integrations that we currently have and can customize to fit any Podio system.  Not on the list?  Call Us!  We work on new integrations all the time, and would love to work on your Podio-to-your-favorite-software integration needs.

Not a Podio user? (You should be :)) But we work to integrate many Custom Integrations as well.  Give us a call!



Pod2Quick is a desktop application that seamlessly imports your Podio invoices directly into QuickBooks™ Desktop with the click of a few buttons.

You can map all of you Podio fields, or choose to use a mix of Podio fields and QuickBooks information.

With Pro and Enterprise versions, you can sync QuickBooks invoice numbers and billing status back to Podio.
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Pod2Quick Online is a web-based software application that syncs your data between QuickBooks and Podio.

Pod2Quick Online also has an invoicing utility that allows you to transfer invoices from Podio directly into QuickBooks.

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Pod2Drop makes your file sharing system even easier.

Using this cloud application, you can now auto generate project or customer folders in Dropbox when new items are created and automatically add Podio files to the correct folder or subfolder.

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QuickBooks to Podio Sync

This sync application is a desktop application that can be used separately or together with our Pod2Quick Integraton.

This app allows you constantly sync all of your QuickBooks™  data with Podio.

Customers, Items, Classes, Chart of Accounts, even Inventory can be synced daily using this application.